Mat Zo Embarks On A Minecraft Festival!

Mat Zo embarks on a state-of-the-art album tour of virtual space via the Minecraft video game platform

Stratosfest was the next-level Minecraft music event that Mat Zo spearheaded. He continues to reaffirm his status as one of dance music’s most forward-thinking iconoclasts by launching an ambitious five-date virtual tour celebrating the release of his acclaimed album ‘Illusion Of Depth’. The tour will make ‘stops’ across time zones around the world, and showcase a different opener on each date. Super helpful that it works with our time zones!





Never one to rest on his laurels, Mat Zo’s one-of-a-kind tour will add even more technical innovations to enhance the immersive online experience for concertgoers. Epic! ‘We’ve been throwing some crazy Minecraft parties this year. MZAF, Hospitality, and Mad Zoo in the Void, Stratosfest, were all groundbreaking in some way and I’m super proud to be part of the team who put them together,’ Zo says.  ‘Our next big accomplishment is using MIDI timecoding to control the visuals. This has never been done before in Minecraft, and it’s possibly the first time MIDI timecoding has been achieved in any interactive virtual event.’ 

Featuring a diverse range of opening acts, as Zo describes, ‘the tour kicks off with Olan, my collab buddy who features heavily on my new album. Then Qrion on the next day, making a return from her unforgettable set at Stratosfest.  Nox Vahn, one of my favorite up and comers on the scene, and Fatum, with whom I go way back to my first shows in the US. The final date of the tour features David West, who is probably one of my favorite producers of all time and had a huge impact on me growing up.  This tour is going to be really special for many reasons and I can’t wait to experience it with all of you!’


Nov 27, 7 pm PST (West Coast USA) Mat Zo with special guest Olan
Nov 28, 5 pm EST (East Coast USA) Mat Zo with special guest Qrion
Dec 5, 5 pm GMT  (UK/Europe)  Mat Zo with special guest Nox Vahn
Dec 12, 7 pm PDT  (West Coast USA) Mat Zo with special guest Fatum
Dec 19, 5 pm EST (East Coast USA) Mat Zo with special guest David West



More information and tickets on sale now via
Warning: this event will contain flashing imagery.
Not an official Minecraft product. Not approved or associated with Mojang.
The world’s first live timecoded Minecraft performance 


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Photo Credit Luca Pierro