Miami Prepare for Day of the DeadMau5!!

Last spring, DeadMau5 announced the three-day event called “day of the deadmau5” alongside his label mau5trap and Pollen, a travel experience company. Set for October 28-31 in Miami, the event has just confirmed some artists for the event. This includes three deadmau5 sets; one of a kind deadmau5, Deadmau5 unhooked, and TESTPILOT sets. The crazy weekend includes performances from others in mau5trap, including NERO (DJ set), Callie Reiff, Lamorn, Lauren Mia, Le Youth, Morgin Madison, Rinzen, Speaker Honey, Spencer Brown, and Todd Edwards.

Day of the DeadMau5

On the first day, guests can check-in and also check out the ‘Are You Not Afraid’ welcome party. On Friday 29 you can party it up at the mau5trap records showcase at Oasis Wynnwood, and finally, on the finale day, you can experience ‘ghosts ‘n stuff haunted headline show with numerous special guests. Also throughout the weekend, there will be ‘There Might Be Coffee’ party brunches and other events that will be added in the weeks to come. 

Phase Two packages just went on sale and hotel accommodations start at $399 and party passes go for $289. You can reserve a spot for $30 with a monthly payment plan as well. You can get tickets here. Deadmau5 is well known for his Halloween events and this one looks like going to be great!