New COVID Restrictions at Festivals Are Coming!

I know that not everyone wants to hear this news, but festivals will be implementing new COVID-19 restrictions very soon. Lollapalooza was this past weekend and just two days before the festival, they announced that you had to be fully vaccinated or get tested before the festival. You can check out the details about that- but now, The Festive Owl has announced that new COVID restrictions will be coming soon from many festivals.


This means that in order to attend many festivals, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated, which means two weeks after your second dose (or first with J & J). If you aren’t fully vaccinated yet, you’ll be required to take a test. In my post about Lolla, I talked about how expensive this could be, however, since then I’ve learned that Walgreens actually sells at-home COVID tests for about $23. That being said, those self-tests do NOT give you a lab report and won’t work for festivals that require lab results! To get tested, you’ll need to plan ahead and ensure you get the proper test, which can take a few days. You can buy at home tests with a lab report HERE– but they only come in six packs. If that’s the case, find some buds to share them with!

I know a lot of people will be unhappy with this, however, artists are starting to demand it.