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Grandoozy: The Good And The Bad

  For those of us that live in Denver, we know that there are a couple of big festivals such as Global Dance and Decadence. But, now there is a new one! Grandoozy had its inaugural weekend September 14-16. For those of you that know Outside Lands in San Francisco...

Freaky Deaky Takes Over Houston & Shows The Local Scene Love

  Houston gets a new look this year for its annual Halloween festival and it's called Freaky Deaky. After 6 years running, Something Wicked is no more. For its part, Something Wicked did great things for the Texas scene, bringing in big festival names and production to become a staple...
Adam 'Crack' Winrich Fire Whip Show. Photo by Mandie Parker

Magic, Mystery And Mayhem At The Texas Renaissance Festival

  There’s a little town in Texas with a population of 107 people which spans a whopping 2 square miles and is relatively quiet and sleepy most of the year. All but for about 9 weeks of it, that is. When the leaves start to turn and the air begins...
New Cover

Imagine Music Festival: The Best Of Southern EDM

Fantasy. Fireworks. Family. And lots and LOTS of lazers. Last weekend I had the privilege of camping at Imagine Music Festival at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia. I must admit: I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at Imagine. I had heard from several close friends...
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Glow in The Park Music Festival

Glow in The Park Music Festival (GITP) - Something totally different in Grand Rapids, Michigan An interview with Jason Hachigian – one of the organizers of GITP iHeartRadio’s 104.5 WSNX in West Michigan presents a new electronic music festival in the Grand Rapids area. This event will be the first...

Envision Costa Rica 2019

Ever wonder what it would be like exploring the sandy beaches of Costa Rica? The sunsets, tropical vibes, and overall paradise? It’s all about when and where, and look no further Envision Festival 2019 has everything you need to make sure your next vacation and festival experience exceed everything you...