Pro Tips from Dr. T: What’s this about?


Welcome fellow festival go-ers & dance music enthusiasts! Over the next several months I’ll be sharing a BUNCH of health, wellness, nutrition & other various Pro Tips with one goal in mind, to HELP YOU have an all-around better experience before, during & after music festivals & similar events! First & foremost, none of the things I share or discuss here are to be taken as medical advice & you should always speak with your doctor about any specific medical concerns you have.

About me: The Quick & Dirty 

Mostly so you know I’m not a webmd, Wikipedia, google or social media self-proclaimed health & wellness expert. My name is Dr. Taryn Lewis (followed by some random capitalized letters, periods & commas that mean some things) aka Dr. T as friends & patients alike often call me. I hold my Doctorate degree in Chiropractic, Master’s degree in Sports Science & Rehabilitation, & Bachelors degree in Life Sciences. I also hold several additional certifications. (Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd!) I’ve worked with people of ALL ages. I’ve worked with ALL types of people from professional & college athletes, weekend warriors, active military & veterans, people with physical jobs, desk jobs, & no jobs. My passion is improving peoples quality of life so they can enjoy it to the fullest!

The Birth of “Pro Tips from Dr. T”

 I’ve easily been to over 20+ music festivals, 50+ concerts & still counting! I love talking with people about their experiences & writing about them as well as my own, but I’ve still had this burning desire to do more. Over the last few years I have seen & met WAY too many people at festivals whose experience was bogged down or ruined due to joint & muscle aches, pains, cramps, fatigue, headaches…. the list goes on. I found myself repeatedly asking myself “How can I use my personal skills, tools & knowledge to improve people’s experience at festivals?”, so here I am. I’ll be discussing some of these common problems, as well as HOW & WHAT you can do to have a better more enjoyable experience at your next festival. We will discuss tips, tricks, stretches, hacks & tools YOU can use to be better prepared & in control of your festival experience!

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