Ready for COUCHELLA? Livestreams This Weekend

Heading Into The COUCHELLA?

Okay, so last week we posted about some epic live streams. Throughout the weekend, you all alerted the team to more and more livestreams! I have a feeling the same thing will be happening again this weekend so I am starting the ball rolling early! Expect this post to be updated as new information comes out! Get ready for your daily dose of Couchella!

Update: I did NOT create this link but someone took the time to! Check this link for every livestream that people know of!!!

Digital Mirage

Okay, who else is excited for this one??? This one is going to be super epic, that is for sure! Check out that lineup!!! You need to register in advance for this festival. All donations will be given to those out of work due to the virus. You can register for this festival HERE!


I don’t know about you, but I am totally digging Insomiac Rewind. I had heard today was the last day of this stream… but maybe they will extend it due to the quarantine? Not sure! Yesterday, I was jamming out to some Alesso while vacuuming, living the dream, am I right?

Anyway, Pasquale posted this on twitter- hinting that he may do another stream! Make sure if you do check out his page, make sure to get the verified one! Some troll out there has a page for him posting all sorts of ridiculous stuff.

And now- we’ve been updated that it is Hard Summer!

Relive Awakenings Festival

Looking for a different vibe? Relive Awakenings is there for you! I’m not too sure on much of the information of this stream, but it looks like their link will be posted here soon! To my knowledge, these are techno artists.

Dance Music Gives Back

You can check out this festival Friday only with an epic lineup!

Individual Artist Streams

Dion Timmer- 12 PST

Deadbeats House Party with Zed’s Dead- TBA

Diplo- Friday @ 8 PST

Zed’s Dead- Sunday @ 6 PST

Tons of others are listed at this link!

Miley’s Stream

If you are a Miley fan, you have got your wish with a Miley livestream! I got this screenshot off facebook, but you can always check this one out!


Couchella 2019 Weekend 2

I decided to name this weekend Couchella because you’re on your couch!!! How fitting!! I know there will be more streams, so expect this to be updated as the Festival Voice team learns of more streams. Be safe, stay home, and as Pasquale says, “Sanitized hands up!”

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