Relentless Beats & Insomniac Host Park ‘N Rave

Relentless Beats & Insomniac Team Up for Park ‘N Rave

WHO IS READY FOR SOME SEVEN LIONS, BABY? I know we’re all missing raves so much. I wish we could be going to all our favorite festivals and shows… but sadly, that just isn’t a reality right now with cases on the rise. However, Insomniac and Relentless Beats have teamed up for their first ever Park ‘N Rave, which will be held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Arizona. For those of you not familiar with the area, that is south of Phoenix. It’s this Friday and Saturday, folks! Check the flyer below!

Park 'N Rave

The Rules for Park ‘N Rave


So logistically, this answers most of the questions I posed in my post called: Are Car Raves The Future In A Post Pandemic World? In the post, I address the following, which then I’ll answer with the rules from the Insomniac website, located HERE.


Bathrooms and water: Both are available although the team encourages you to bring your own water with you to the concert. This limits the number of interactions you’ll have with others. 


Can you come with your friends? YES. Each ticket is per vehicle. It includes 5 tickets to the show. If your car can legally hold 8 people, then your ticket is valid for 5 of them and you will need to pay per person beyond that. 


Can you hang with your neighbors? Sadly, no. You are allowed to stay in your own area that has been marked off. However, good news! You can get out of the car and dance if you stay in your own area!


Can I leave early? If you absolutely need to. A staff member will escort your vehicle out. You need to be there before the show starts for everyone’s safety. No vehicles will be allowed to run during that time. 


Alcohol: Yes, you can drink UNLESS you are the driver. The event is BYOB, but all Arizona traffic laws will be enforced. This includes no drinking and driving. You can consume alcohol if you aren’t the driver. Too bad there aren’t perks for the DD, like discounted merch!




If you have any other questions, check out the FAQ page located here! Snag those tix here! I’m sad this is all the way in Arizona and I can’t go! For those going, HAVE FUN!


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