Savannah Rae’s Artist Spotlight: Excision

Okay, so Savannah Rae here. I decided to spotlight some of my favorite artists over the next few weeks with you! I love tons of artists and such a mix of artists have earned their way to the top. Hopefully, this will help you get to know me a little bit more. I’ll share memories at shows with these artists and why these songs resonate with me so much. Get ready for spotlight hour!

My top artist is definitley Excision. Yes, I’m a headbanger for life! We even call him Rex-cision a lot! Excision is a personal favorite to me because this was my very first show. To be honest, I had no idea what dubstep was outside of Skrillex at the time, but my buddies convinced me to go to this show, and let’s be honest, my mind was BLOWN!!! They tricked me by telling me he sounded like Krewella. Ha, can you believe that?? Read the whole story HERE. It’s a funny one. 


Excision at Lost Lands taken from the Excision website.

I didn’t even know how to dance to that weird dubstep at first. But the more I listened, the more I found my groove. I had always been a punk rock chick. My love for the alternative music is real, guys! Dubstep seemed like a natural place to fall in love.

I can’t even begin to count the number of Excision shows I’ve gone to. My boyfriend, Ben, and I have been to one or more Excision shows every year since 2013. (We’re not counting 2020, cause 2020 bro.) We’ve also been to Lost Lands all 3 years that it has been a thing. This would have been year 4, but hey, 2020 is finally over! Hopefully, Lost Lands 2021 is a GO!!!

I’ve made so many friends at these shows. One of my dear friends, Rachel, was from the Excision headbangers Facebook group  (Wanna Join?!?!) and I met her at a show because we decided to meet up. There are so many memories. I can’t even name all of the fun times I’ve had. To wandering around the Lost Lands campsites at 3 in the morning, to seeing The Festival Voice’s founder, Sam, at these shows, Lost Lands in something else. 

I live in the midwest, about 3 hours from Chicago, so I tend to hang out in Iowa City, Des Moines, Chicago, and Milwaukee. I’ve seen Excision in all of these but Iowa City, which is too small for Excision. Despite being from the Midwest, I traveled to Denver to see him in March of 2o19. He’s one of those artists who just doesn’t disappoint. And his Shambala and Lost Land mixes?? To die for.

Honestly, I can’t name my favorite tracks. There are just so many good ones that I can’t possibly choose. My boyfriend and I love meow screaming to Robo-kitty, so that’s probably one of the faves. I’m also super excited to play Home at our wedding one day. I probably won’t go too crazy on the dubstep at the wedding though, ha!

Excision holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see him again soon! Do you have a favorite Excision song or memory? I would love to hear to in the comments! Until next time, guys! I’ll share another spotlight artist here soon!