Shaky Knees is Coming Up Soon!

Shaky Knees is coming this October with its rescheduled date. Some are calling it “Spooky Knees” with the festival taking place the weekend before Halloween. Founded by Tim Sweetwood and named from the song “Steam Engine” by My Morning Jacket, Shaky Knees has consistently been Atlanta’s indie and alternative festival to balance out the pop-heavy Music Midtown. Located in Atlanta’s own Central Park, the festival brings out an eclectic group of attendees, from hip hop heads to rockers to shoegazers. The festival vibes with the culture of Atlanta as the city has grown away from being only known for rap hitmakers like Outkast and Ludacris. 

There is so much to offer at this three-day city festival. Not only do you get all of the extras that come with this festival, such as all the freebies at sponsorship booths and the late-night shows, but you also have the beautiful city of Atlanta to explore while you’re not dancing or headbanging your worries away to your favorite artists. Take a stroll through Piedmont Park and continue onward along Atlanta’s iconic Beltline where you can find fantastic brunch spots, bars, and breweries. Make a morning trip to Zoo Atlanta and see our world-famous giant pandas. Grab a slice from Fellini’s Pizza or a coronary bypass from the Vortex. Make your trip more than just about the music.

Shaky Knees is going to bring a sigh of relief to so many festival-goers who are craving some spectacular indie and alternative jams.

A special artist to note is Run The Jewels as they secured their first headliner spot at a festival on a Saturday night nonetheless. What makes this even more special is Killer Mike gets to headline his first festival in his hometown of Atlanta with his compadre El-P. When Run The Jewels played in 2015 at Music Midtown, special guests T.I. and Big Boi came out during the set. This was when Run The Jewels were still on their wild come-up as a rap duo. Even if you don’t always vibe with hip-hop music, this set will be legendary and not something you will want to miss.

Before you arrive at the festival, make sure you have your proof of vaccination or your negative covid test. This festival season I have seen many people misread the requirements or forget to bring the required documentation. I was one of these poor souls at Railbird where I parked offsite, walked a mile to the venue, and then realized I left my vaccination card in my car. Please learn from my mistake. Add a reminder in your phone a few days before the festival to bring your vaccination card or negative test. If you do forget to bring your documentation, there should be onsite testing available. At Music Midtown this year, another great city festival in Atlanta, there was an option to do rapid testing onsite for a hefty $75. You might find another rapid testing facility around the city for cheaper. Make sure you are fully ready to send it at Shaky Knees 2021.