Soda State Comes Out With New Single ‘The Look’

Soda State


New duo Soda State is learning their way around digital production as their new debut ‘The Look’ is out and making some dangerous waves! M & Tracie have managed to create something magical, with this new track promising soothing lyrics and super fresh beats! Some have compared them to The Blaze meets Gorillaz, and I think that statement couldn’t be any more true! Soda State is an all-enticing new dance music project and a virtual band that is animated and completely original. Definitely, something I’ve never heard before!


Potion Records


‘The Magician heads the Look’ on Potion Records; it is truly something unique. My favorite 80’s synths are toned down with a happy vocal that pulls the track together. They take influence French House and acts such as Daft Punk, M83, and Duke Dumont’s Ocean Drive, Soda State does their own thing yet draws in the power of others along with their persuasive drive to sound unique. They are well on their way to the top, and you should catch the wave soon.


M & Tracie

“We want the music we create to take the listener into a place of escapism.
Lyrically, sonically and visually, there’s a sense of taking yourself away from
the world around you, whether giving yourself over to the moment or losing
yourself in a feeling of nostalgia. We call this feeling of escapism
‘The Soda State Of Mind’” – M & Tracie

Soda State ‘The Look’ is out now on Potion Records, be sure to listen here!



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