Stay Xavage with This New EP

Xavage shares his new EP – Stay Xavage

We told you not to take your eye off him, and we can now officially announce his EP on Circus Records. Stay Xavage is out now! The 4-track EP contains his debut single “Give Me All Your Love,” as well as the follow-up track “Error.” In addition, the EP releases two new thumpers. The EP kicks off with “In The Trap” featuring the rap vocal of fellow L.A resident, Darkmark. For example, you’ll hear deep 808’s, sub bass and snappy trap samples that are provided under hip hop rhymes. “Burn Em’ Out” provides downtempo beats and wub basses, with gritty UK raps before progressing into drum and bass grooves.  Plus, isn’t this such a clever name?
Xavage Cover Art
XAVAGE proves he has the versatility as well as the quality goods on this collection of tracks.
The EP is out now on Circus Records.
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