Stuggling To Stay Hydrated? Electrolit Has You Covered

Recently, I was sent a few samples of Electrolit! The brand states- “Electrolit is scientifically formulated with pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients to provide optimal hydration. Each bottle or hydration packet contains all the electrolytes for a full hydration process, making them the perfect addition to every festival lineup.”

So with Solshine Reverie up and coming, I planned to use some of these samples to see how I felt. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried Liquid I.V. and Pedialyte to varying degrees of success. I was excited to see how this brand stacked up!

First off, I enjoyed the taste and that they didn’t need to be refrigerated until after they were opened. I tried two of the flavors, Fruit Punch, and Berry Bliss. Out of the two, I preferred the Berry Bliss but I did still enjoy the Fruit Punch. I liked that they were all there and I didn’t need to find a water bottle or cut open flimsy packets. They also tasted WAY better than Pedialyte or some of the Liquid I.V. flavors.

The bottle says it comes with two servings and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to drink 1 or 2… so I drank one and gave the other half of the bottle to my husband. Both of us were ready to get hydrated to enjoy the day. Within an hour, both of us felt WAY better. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink at a camping festival, you are always dehydrated. So this was a great addition to our festival routine!

Electrolit is a proud sponsor of Beyond Wonderland Chicago this weekend and I’m excited to be using this awesome product again for the weekend!

Buy some HERE!