Summer Camp Is Camping In My Head

Summer Camp has set up camp in my brain and isn’t leaving anytime soon! This festival is one of my absolute favorites and I try to go every year. This year, they’ve set up a permanent camp in my head because I can’t stop thinking about them! Not only is this one of the best festivals, but it is also Memorial Day Weekend so it kicks off my summer perfectly. It’s a bonus perk that it takes place because most people automatically have Monday off anyway!


Kick off your weekend by coming in early on Thursday for the preparty! While this does require a separate ticket, the preparty is truly when the majority of people come to the festival. I’ve come on Thursday before and I’ve come on Day 1, Friday, and it is packed! Everyone heads in early, which is so different from other festivals I’ve encountered. And if you want that forest spot, you had best be there Thursday or your chances are slim. Everyone wants the forest, which is magical in its own ways.

This is the phase 3 lineup, so this is nearly everyone who is going to be there! SCamp is great in its versatility. The festival has some great jam bands throughout the day but then at night, the festival goes hard with the EDM, especially the darker and grimier stuff. 

You’ll hear me talk more about SCamp in the upcoming months and I’ll also share my official tips for the festival closer to! Can’t wait to be back at SCamp! Seriously, this fest is going to camp in my head until we get back home! Get those tickets HERE!