Ready to go to a place of pure imagination? Beyond Wonderland will do that for you. Insomniac presents: Beyond Wonderland. The festival itself will take place June 25th and 26th at the NOS Event Center in SoCal. The event is 18+.  (PST- Before you forget, take our survey on what precautions you think festivals should include!)

Taken from BW’s Website.

From the looks of it, the first wave of limited presales are sold out, however, you can join the waitlist to see when they release more of them. Insomniac is so good about keeping us all in the loop, so I’m sure they’ll release more once they know what is going on with COVID precautions and such! California is known for having a lot of COVID regulations, so I am sure that plays a part in the limited number of tickets that are available. 


Taken from BW’s website.

While the lineup hasn’t been announced yet, you know you can expect the best from Insomniac. There will be 5 new stages for you to enjoy. There will also be 3 full-sized carnival rides as well as hidden hideaways for you to explore and enjoy. Insomniac always goes above and beyond with their art as well as the whole experience of the event.  This sounds like an awesome time!

Ready to go? Join that waitlist today so hopefully, you can snag tickets when they become available! In the meantime, don’t forget to take our survey on what safety precautions you think festivals should have!