Thankful For The Electronic Music Scene

What Are You Thankful For?

As today is Thanksgiving, I thought I would share how thankful I am for this wonderful community. In addition to being thankful for friends, family, shelter, my job, etc., I wanted to share about the EDM scene. I shared a post previously on how EDM changed my life, but I can’t help reflecting on how thankful I am for it. Without EDM, I cannot imagine the way my life would have gone.

For starters, I have made so many friends through the EDM world. For real, the majority of my friends are from going to concerts and shows. They are actually real, true friends. It took me a good part of my life to truly find people who were loyal and actually good friends. The bad news? Everyone lives so far away from one another! But I know in my heart, I’m thankful for this amazing group of people who have changed my life for the better.

Thankful For Finding Where I Belong

Secondly, I found a place where I feel I belong. Does anyone else feel like they don’t belong in this world? I always felt like that. Growing up, I felt like the friend who was just there. Never anyone’s best friend, always the one having to make the plans. High school was a nightmare for me. I never fit in with any group and when I finally found a group of people, they were honestly not healthy for me. But hey, desperate for friends, right?

As stated in the EDC documentary, Under the Electric Sky, “these were the kids who sat alone at lunch. And then they stumbled upon this scene and thought, woah… I belong here.” I’m not 100% those are the perfect words for that quote… but you get the picture. That was me when I discovered this scene. I knew instantly that I belonged here. I found my place. No longer am I the shy girl who feels like she doesn’t fit in. I can be myself at these music festivals… and everyone is so accepting.

You are free to be you in the EDM scene.

For just a few hours, you can forget the world and just be happy. I feel like I shouldn’t say much about it.. because this twitter post really shares my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

I am also thankful I get to share my love for the EDM scene with you all. For starters, I am thankful to Sam of The Festival Voice, for allowing me this opportunity. I’m thankful to the universe for the random day I met him at the Arcade Bar in Denver before Decadence. Without that, I wouldn’t be sharing this wonderful moment with all of you! I am thankful for the readers, who help build this community.

And I’m thankful for this music. Listening to this music can seriously change my mood. I find joy in this music. It’s uplifting and makes me feel good. I’m thankful for so much.

PS- I don’t own any of these images. They were saved from the one and only Facebook.