The Festival Voice Presents: Evalution

At Imagine Music Festival, Vinny had the opportunity to interview Evan, better known by his stage name, Evalution, live in person. This was a super exciting opportunity as Evolution shared about his set, which was actually the first time he ever got to play at Imagine Music Festival. Check out the exclusive interview here!

He’s been up to some crazy big things lately. He’s been growing exponentially and we’re so excited to see where he goes from here. There are so many great things that Evan shared, you’ll have to watch the whole interview to find out all the details for yourself, but we’ll share a few highlights with ya here. 

One highlight is that recently, Evalution was added to several different dates for the SoDown Tour, so grab those tickets to support him now! He’s not at every stop, so check this graphic for a little more information into the tour. He’s supporting a lot of the tour stops in the Florida and southern area. It’s going to be a blast!

Check out the rest of our exclusive interview on Youtube, which was taken live at Imagine Music Festival! Keep tuned into The Festival Voice for more exclusive music news, releases, and content!