The Festival Voice Presents: Soultown Interview

Get ready for a good time! Soultown Festival is one festival you won’t want to miss out on! If you live near Beckenham, Kent, check this one out! It’s going to have some epic tunes from the likes of Tavares, Soul 2 Soul, Heather Small, Maxi Priest, Gabrielle, Fat Back Band, Kenny Thomas, Evelyn Champagne King, The Dualers, Janet Kay, The Marley Experience, Shola Ama, Alison Limerick, CJ Macintosh, Brandon Block, The Garden Party, and Clockwork Orange.

1) How long have you been throwing events?
Myself and Lucy have been in events for around 15 years and they vary from club nights, brunches and festivals. 
2) What made you become interested in throwing events?
My 18th birthday party was very busy and my friend’s Dad who owned the bar suggested I throw an event. I did and I absolutely fell in love with it Instantly. The organising and then executing it on the night with everyone enjoying themselves and complimenting me on the night. The buzz of putting on a fantastic event and seeing so much enjoyment never wears off. 
3) What is your favorite part of Soultown? I love the fact that we have a very close team of staff musicians and artists that have worked together for the last 10 years and it’s work but you are surrounded by your friends and achieving your goals together. 
4) How do you decide on artists to include in your lineup? 
Both myself and Lucy grew up listening to soul music and some of the best tracks ever made in our opinion are found in the soul genre, so when booking artists it has to be from someone who has that soul in their voice and the passion in their performance. Not just Soul and Motown but soul and Motown that makes all ages want to dance. 
We research and handpick artists that aren’t over used in the UK so it’s more exclusive and special for our festival goers. We often take to social media quotes soon after the festival to ask who our supporters would like to see the following year because they are the ones who come and we are grateful to each and every person. 
5) What is the best part about throwing events?
It’s quite high pressure but when you pull off exactly what you set out to achieve there is no better feeling. Seeing people smiling and dancing to major acts like Tavares, soul II soul, Gabrielle, Heather small, Maxi priest, and more it’s quite rewarding.