The Festival Voice Presents: Akriza Interview!

We were able to check up with Zachary, better known by his stage name of Akriza recently! This was an awesome experience as Zachary (who actually doesn’t like to be called Zach!) has been up to some big things lately. He recently released Midas Touch, which was an amazing track that we were proud to feature! Check out all the information about this single in our link above. You can stream the song HERE you can check it out on Spotify’s Sub Low Spotify Editorial playlist. This was a HUGE accomplishment and I know we’ll be seeing more of Akriza in the upcoming future.

In addition, he recently played at the Northern Nights festival and has some huge collaborations up his sleeve. I can’t share too much at this point, however, you’re just going to have to check out the interview for yourself! Don’t forget to follow Akriza on all his socials to keep up on the latest for him. I know we’ll be checking in with him again soon as there’s another single that will be coming out soon! Check out our exclusive interview for Akriza HERE! It’s a real treat!


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