Akriza Will Bring The Midas Touch!

Are you ready for the bass??? Recently, Akriza graced us with Midas Touch, and boy, was it something! The song was so hot that Spotify featured it on their Sub Low Spotify Editorial playlist, which helped it get tons of traction.

The song itself was inspired by the ancient myth, which said that everything King Midas touched turned to gold. This was actually a curse placed on the King. King Midas was never truly fulfilled with having all the gold in the water and in the end, he almost ended up starving to death and hurting the ones he loved due to this curse. In today’s present day, we think of the curse as someone being good at everything they do, but it harms the person because they are never satisfied, always wanting and desiring more.

According to Akriza, “This is the same fate that befalls some who are recognized by their talents but can never be satisfied. I resonate with King Midas and Hamilton in the sense that I am never satisfied. This song then is my reminder to be grateful for what I have already accomplished so that I can remember to celebrate rather than always be searching for more.”

If you’re searching for some deep bass music mixed with big soaring vocals, you’ve come to the right place! Check out Akriza’s Midas Touch, which will bring you to the deepest depths of your heart and soul. This track energizes you and brings a balance between earth and sky, feminine and masculine, ancient and future, all are present. The track will rock you to your core and make you contemplate life’s choices.

Get your groove on and vibe with Akriza as you come to an understanding of who you are inside. This track is truly made of gold and we can expect more coming from Akriza in the next few months!

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