The Lost Art of Longing From BT is HERE

Pioneering sound architect BT releases new album “The Lost Art Of Longing” 

We’ve been waiting for this one! Today, Grammy-Nominated film composer, technologist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and trance music icon BT releases his long-awaited new studio album! This is the first dance music-oriented album in seven years from BT.  “The Lost Art Of Longing” via Black Hole Recordings. We’ve been covering a few of these tracks and you will love them! 
“The Lost Art of Longing” is BT at his finest. The album rightly finds a spot next to classic material including all-time greats ‘Ima,’ ‘ESCM’, and ‘Movement In Still Life.’ I got a preview of this album and thoroughly enjoyed listening to these tracks! The album features 14 tracks that traverse the world of electronic dance music, from the cinematic ambiance of “Game Theory,” the progressive ‘Wildfire,’ ‘Walk Into The Water,’ ‘1AM in Paris’ and ‘Windows,’ the breakbeat wallop of ‘The Light Is Always On’ and ‘The War,’ the electro/synth inspired ‘Weltanschauung,’ the brooding trance of ‘No Warning Lights’ with Emma Hewitt, to the electronic lullaby “Save Me.’ Who loves Emma Hewitt? Her voice is like an angel! Previously, BT released ‘1AM in Paris’ and ‘The War’ as a combo. Who has been waiting for this album since then? I know I have!



About The Lost Art of Longing

“The Lost Art of Longing” is BT’s ode to the things in life that have a deep personal significance and meaning that are becoming archaic, antiquated, even extinct. For example, this includes the handwritten love letter, a rotary telephone, a book, early computers, vintage synthesizers, telephone wires, typewriters…all in sheds or garages, landfills, and other places…slowly decaying and being forgotten. You don’t see these things anymore! There are love stories in there, stories of war and triumph, and courage and tragedy. People’s stories. Things that should be remembered. BT believes in that and he is thrilled to share this with all of you. 
“One of the things nearing extinction; is the art of longing. As in, wanting of something you cannot immediately have. If anything positive is to come from the situation the world collectively finds itself in, it is my great hope – speed, instant gratification, and over-stimulation are swapped out for longing, imagination, and relational connection. For a child or teenager to sit thoughtfully and ponder what is to come, to hope for or envision something amazing, to dream of a place or a future – is becoming obsolete. Longing has been replaced with instant gratification. My hope is that this record reacquaints my audience with the lost art of longing. That they will take pause, get quiet, daydream, and connect to their own place of longing. Because that, I believe, is where the magic is,” BT says.  


Earlier this summer BT gave fans a sneak peek at the album “The Lost Art Of Longing” with the release of double single ‘1AM in Paris (with Matt Fax)’ / ‘The War (with Iraina Mancini),’ and most recently, his latest single ‘No Warning Lights’ with Emma Hewitt. Who else adored those tracks? The song takes the listener on a voyage, starting from a field recording taken at a train station in Amsterdam and departing through a wall of Emma Hewitt’s rich vocals and BT’s blend of trance 2.0, orchestral writing and heavy sound design. This is the peak of BT’s orchestral writing combined with the best of his dance music writing in a single composition. You will absolutely love this album. It made me feel as though I had gone back in time. 


BT’s ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’ is available now – August 14 – on Black Hole Recordings



BT is no stranger to the music scene. He has a career spanning nearly 25 years. BT is credited as a pioneer of the Trance and IDM genres and is the creator of the Stutter Edit technique, holds patents and trademarks, and a Guinness Book of world records award for the most edits in a recorded piece of music….ever. That’s perfection right there! 


BT has written, produced, and remixed artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Peter Gabriel, Howard Jones, Tiesto. Depeche Mode, Armin Van Buuren, Sting, NSYNC, Blake Lewis, The Roots, Madonna, Britney Spears, and more. His full-length records are essential buys for any electronic music fan’s record collection. He has collaborated with some of the best, that’s for sure!


He has created a slew of plugins that are heard on the radio and in films every day. Stutter Edit has been used on everything from Star Wars and Stranger Things to #1 Country records. His latest plugins Phobos and BreakTweaker can be heard in upcoming films and productions galore. You will recognize many of the names BT has worked with because he is just a mastermind at music.


And if that wasn’t enough, BT is also a classically trained symphonic composer, arranger, and orchestrator. Seriously, what can’t this guy do? He has composed a full score for films such as the Oscar-winning Monster starring Charlize Theron, The Fast and the Furious, and recently Solace starring Anthony Hopkins and the Amazon television show Electric Dreams. He also composed all of the music for the Tomorrowland section of Shanghai Disneyland. 
Available now – August 14 – from Black Hole Recordings  


‘The Lost Art Of Longing’ 


“Game Theory”
“Walk into the Water (with Matt Fax and Nation Of One)”
“1 AM In Paris (with Matt Fax)”
“The Light Is Always On (with Au5 and Magal Suvarnan)”
“The War (with Irina Mancini)” 
“I Will Be Yours”
“I Can Love You Right (with Wish I Was and Lola Rhodes)”
“Never Odd or Even”
“Windows (with April Bender)”
“Red Lights (with Christian Burns”) 
“No Warning Lights (with Emma Hewitt)” 
“Save Me (with Christian Burns)”   



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