This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom & I Fell In Love at EDC

GLD pushes boundaries with new EP, This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom

If anyone knows how to write catchy tracks, it is definitely GLD. This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom, a familiar phrase to alternative kids around the globe, is also the title of Connecticut duo GLD’s new EP. See what I mean? Bringing together future bass, emo, and trap, the five-track EP shows the essence of the innovative producers.

About This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom


‘Mad, Cause I’m Right’ opens the EP in true GLD style, that is to say in sleek and stylish future bass fashion. The duo has characteristic poignant lyrics and melodic sound, which is definitely seen on this EP. Next up is the euphoric ‘I Loved You (Now I Have Trust Issues)’ featuring the silky vocals of Grand Khai. Another catchy name, am I right? The future bass bop is the second time the artists have worked together having released stand-out track ‘Somebody Else’ last year. ‘I’m Sick Of Your Shit’ is an emo breakup track which shows the artist’s heavy alternative and rock influences, with future bass breaks interwoven which results in a passionate and dynamic song describing the breakdown of a relationship. This whole album stands out!


this isn't just a phase mom
Changing gear slightly, ‘Fell In Love At EDC’ is a more upbeat love song for the ages. The band recently released a lyric video which featured submitted photos of fans and their ‘Festival Baes’, reminding everyone of the summer that could have been. Too bad that this summer didn’t happen, but we know that the next festival season will rock! Watch the lyric video HERE. Meanwhile, ‘Forever (In The Friendzone)’ is a brand new track that closes the project. The pop-punk inspired anthem combined with their electronic influences perfectly encapsulates their post-EDM style and showcases their abilities to bring genres together with flair and ease. It sounds like it would fit right in at a rock festival and is the perfect combination of the two genres. 


With support from the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Flosstradamus, just to name a few, GLD have constantly been pushing boundaries and ‘This Isn’t Just A Phase Mom’ is no exception. The post-genre EP brings forth the unique sound, signature melodies, knack for storytelling, and emotive lyrics of GLD throughout.
+ Watch their lyric video for “Fell in Love at EDC” HERE


Out now on Circus Records
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this isn't just a phase mom