Through and Through, Leaving Laurel Has Us Hyped

Leaving Laurel three-track ‘Through And Through EP’ out June 19 on Anjunadeep


Leaving Laurel has us hyped for a beautiful new project! Pierce Fulton and Gordon Huntley are the duo behind Leaving Laurel. The group made their emphatic label debut in January. Since then, they have garnered a huge fanbase after remixing Anjuna maestros Andrew Bayer and Luttrell. In addition, they released Through And Through on Anjunadeep’s flagship compilation, Anjunadeep 11. 


The track now receives a sophomore EP release alongside two new tracks ’Take Your Time’ and ‘It’s Never The Last (Things Never Last)’. With warm enveloping arrangements, the duo’s latest reinforces their reputation for heartfelt analog electronica. I got a sneak peak at these tracks and they are awesome! You’ll want to check these out! Support for this track has been great! BBC Radio 1 KCRW, SiriusXM Chill have all given their support to Leaving Laurel.
Through and through

The duo first arrived on Anjunadeep with double-cut ‘sometimes it’s scary….but it’s still just you and me / Need Little, Want Less’. The track had over 1 million streams! Leaving Laurel is a tale of two old friends connecting musically for the first time after almost a decade. Inspired by recording into an old, thought to be broken, cassette tape player, a new project materialized seemingly out of thin air – something neither of them knew they were looking for. 



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