How To Get Tomorrowland Tickets (Even If They Sold Out!)

In case you didn’t know, the dates for the 15th edition of the world-famous Tomorrowland musical festival have been announced! Like the past few years, it will take place over two weekends in the second half of July:
Weekend 1: July 19-21
Weekend 2: July 26-28

Tomorrowland is known for its epic themes and stage production, creating incredible and unique narratives. This time, they will be bringing back a beloved theme from 2012, The Book Of Wisdom, for a spectacular sequel.

That being said, Tomorrowland is an incredibly popular festival, and tickets often sell out within minutes. But if you are really set on going, there are ways to make it happen! We put together this small guide in order to help you through the process so you can attend one of the most epic festivals on the planet.

Tomorrowland 2018 Mainstage

Official Sale

The best way to get your tickets (and probably cheapest one too) is through the official website, of course. Pre-registering is necessary though, so make sure you do it when the new pre-registration website opens on December 15th at 3:15PM CET. If you already have a Tomorrowland account, you’ll be able to use it for this purpose, otherwise you will have to create one here before you pre-register. Just make sure to pre-register by January 25th, because that’s the deadline! It doesn’t really matter when you register, because that won’t give you any advantage over any other potential buyers, unless you are one of the first 20 people to pre-register from your country: in this case, you will get access to an exclusive ticket link through which you can purchase 4 tickets before the worldwide sale even starts. How cool is that?

Global Journey tickets will go on sale first, starting January 19th at 5:00PM CET. What is Global Journey, you ask? It’s basically an option that is supposed to take all the worries out of traveling by providing you with transportation from whatever city in Europe all the way to the festival, and it includes the ticket of course. I wouldn’t really recommend it as it is quite expensive, depending on where you’re traveling from, but if you want to consider it then you can find more information on costs and options here. Global Journey is actually a viable option in case regular tickets sell out, as some GJ packages are still available for a few weeks after the on-sale date.

Regular, worldwide tickets will go on sale in two instances: January 26th and February 2nd, both at 5:00PM CET. So if you can’t grab a ticket the first time, try on the next on-sale date. Definitely try to be ready on the landing page as soon as you can before the sale starts, because it does seem like the sale has a queue system of sorts.

Tip: if you don’t have a European bank account and card, make sure your bank is aware that you might be trying to make a purchase of a hundred bucks from a Belgian company. I’m saying this because I’ve had problems with my American debit card being rejected in the past due to my bank thought it was a fraudulent charge and blocking my account; this caused to lose the tickets I had in my cart. Just be aware of this so there’s no surprises, and make sure you’re prepared!

Tomorrrowland MainStage 2012

Tickets Sold Out… Now What?

So, as many of you are aware, Tomorrowland tickets sell out extremely fast. If you manage to grab yours during the worldwide sale, congratulations! You’re good to go. If not, well, join the club… But fear not, for there are other ways you can still attend this amazing festival! Here are my tips for getting a Tomorrowland wristband even though they are not available on the official website anymore…

  1. Sign up for the waitlist. I know what you’re thinking: “oh, they’ll never get back to me about that”. But trust me, they actually do email people in the waitlist back! Both years I have gone, I actually purchased my passes through the waitlist. They usually email people back with a dedicated link in April-May, so make sure you keep an eye out for that! Once you get the email, you’ll usually have a little bit of time to get your passes, but don’t wait too long. You’ll be able to sign up for the waitlist once the worldwide sale is over and tickets are sold out. This is definitely the best way to get them if they’re sold out, since they are from the original Tomorrowland website and they are 100% guaranteed.
  2. ViaGogo. This is possibly the official reseller of Tomorrowland tickets. You can definitely get a pass through Viagogo, but you might end up paying a slightly higher price due to the fees they charge. One piece of advice is to NOT buy tickets on Viagogo too early: prices will skyrocket in the first few weeks after tickets from the official sale sell out. Wait it out! Honestly, you could even buy them on there about a month early and be good to go. Viagogo tickets will have two options: physical ticket (aka, you get the actual box!) or digital download (this means you will get a pdf file to scan at the Tomorrowland box office, and they will give you your wristband but no box). Most tickets I’ve seen on Viagogo are usually digital downloads. Be aware that Viagogo tickets might get canceled last minute (although rarely), but if that’s the case, the company will usually replace them.
  3. 3rd party travel companies. There are a few companies offering travel packages including Tomorrowland tickets, with prices varying based on a multitude of reasons. Festicket is one of them, offering options departing from a variety of cities in Europe; EventTravel is for anyone traveling from the Netherlands to the festival; and PartyTickets provides packages from Germany.
  4. Buying from another fan. We don’t really recommend this option unless you know the person to be trusted. Even the Tomorrowland website warns against buying tickets from other people. That being said, it IS an option, and there are a variety of Facebook groups with people selling their passes.

PlanaxisMainstage1 DjcnLdv 1

The Best Option

The best option, in my opinion, is to attempt the two worldwide sales, then sign up for the waitlist if that doesn’t work out, and wait around for the email. In the case you don’t receive the email by the end of May, or you do and you still can’t get tickets through it for whatever reason, then buy your tickets on Viagogo in late May – early June. There, now you know the “secrets” to getting one of those elusive, gorgeous Tomorrowland boxes into your hands.

To find out what this incredible festival is like, make sure to read our review of the 2018 edition. Can’t wait to see you there!


Photo Credits:
Tomorrowland Official Website
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