Top 5 Tips For Your 1st Roo

A First Timer’s Guide To Roo

A lot of you have been asking about tips to survive your 1st Roo. You’ve come to the right blog! I will NEVER forget my first time! Me and one of my best friends had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We had just heard so many amazing things about the farm that we couldn’t wait to hit the road and start our journey! Little did we know, we were extremely unprepared!

Top 5 Tips to Survive Your 1st Roo

    1. 1. Test Run Your Tent 

      The first thing you should ask yourself is, do I know how to set up my tent?” Honestly, if you don’t your neighbors will definitely help you! But, if you want to be prepared, I suggest a test run in your backyard or living room. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is struggle with your tent set up while you could be high fiving new friends, cooling off at the foundation, or just exploring Centeroo.


      2. Bring a Canopy!

      Meet Canopy! Your new best friend! My first Roo, my best friend and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We did not have a canopy and it was rough (actually rough is an understatement)! Even with a canopy, your tent will be a sauna! Embrace the fact that you will likely wake up every morning in a pile of your own sweat 🙂

      3. Hydration is Key! 

      Once again, you will sweat and you will sweat a lot! Be sure to take hydration breaks in between sets. Personally, I SWEAR by Pedialyte. Whether I’ve been sipping on a few drinks or just dancing my ass off, I always make sure to drink one Pedialyte a day. Usually at the beginning or end of my day.

    1. If you do not have a hydration pack, get one! Not only did I not have a canopy my first year, but I also did not have a hydration pack! Hydration packs are beneficial for many reasons.
      1. You save money and the environment by not buying bottled water.
      2. A hydration pack holds way more water than a water bottle
      3. Your hydration pack will be easier to transport and allow you to stash other necessities inside of Centeroo.
    1. Check out Amazon or Vibedration to check out some options.
    1. Always Remember

    2. 4. Prep for the Day. 

    1. Roo is BIG! Depending on which plaza you’re camped at, you might have a hike to and from Centeroo. Think about prepping for the day. If you plan on being inside of Centeroo for a good chunk of time, always bring your hydration pack (or a few sealed water bottles), a copy of your Roo map/schedule, a blanket, a hoodie or sweatshirt in case the temperatures drop, and some snacks. While we aren’t supposed to bring food into Centeroo, I have always gotten away with a few Clif Bars and bananas.
    1. 5. Live in the Roo Moment.

      Be yourself. Roo is the perfect place for self-exploration! Get yourself a pair of colorful leg wraps. Have the confidence to wear those neon pink booty shorts. Get that totem that reads, “Spicy Pie is overrated.” LOL! Remember, the farm is your oyster! Try to not map out your day hour by hour. Remember, you won’t be able to check out every single thing. Sets will be missed. If you get lost, don’t worry, make new friends, and ride the wave. Always keep in mind, there is always next year.

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