Tortuga: What You Need-To-Know Before You Go


With Tortuga Music Festival just days away you’re probably starting to look for a few things to start your planning. Daily set times & the venue map should be at the top of your list so you & you’re crew can begin familiarizing & planning accordingly. First & foremost if you’re wondering what you can or CAN’T bring, no worries. Here are the short lists of each. For full lists check out their FAQ page here.

Important things you CAN & definitely should bring:

    • Sunscreen (non-aerosol) South Florida sun is unforgiving
    • Beach towel   YES, you can get in the ocean
    • Lawn chairs (low profile)
    • Camelbaks up to 1.5L (water bottles & yetis are okay too) Staying hydrated is ALWAYS #1
    • A clear gallon Ziploc bag of snacks

Leave at home so you’re not disappointed at the gates:

    • Coolers
    • Large umbrellas or tents
    • ANY outside beverages (except 1 sealed 20 oz water bottle)
    • Flags/totem poles
    • Toys of any kind, including water/squirt guns

Venue Map

Wondering where the entrance is, will call, ride share, water stations, & restrooms will be? Here’s a map to help you navigate. Even if you’re a “go with the flow” kind of guy there are two important things you’ll want to know! 

1) There are ride share pickup/drop off locations at both ends. There is a bike/scooter pickup/drop off & water taxi also located at the north end2) VIP & GA will call & entrances are at opposite ends. With GA located at the north end near SE 5th ST. Both will call locations are open Thurs from 10 am to 7 pm. Fri-Sun from 10 am to 9 pm.

Daily Line Up & Schedule

Last but not least, here are the daily schedules. There are 3 stages with Main Stage located at the south end, Sunset stage located at the north end & Next From Nashville located somewhere in the middle. For the most part the schedule of performing artists will bounce back & forth between the two stages all day. Haven’t snagged your tickets yet? No worries, it’s not sold out quite yet! You can still get them here. Can’t make it but you want to see whats happening from home? Add us on Snapchat @thefestivalvoice