Viberate’s 2022 State of Music Address

Have you checked out Viberate yet? They’ve got some pretty cool data available to help you make the most of your music career. If you don’t have your own career yet, you can still take an interest in some of the cool data they’ve compiled. Before I start, I want to be clear that all of the data and images come directly from Viberate. They are not my own work although I’ve written my own analysis of the data! Here is your 2022 State of Music Address!

Spotify Data

To start us off, let’s take a look at some of the data on Spotify! I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Spotify at the moment, but we’re staying out of all of that to just share some interesting facts with you. Here are the top percentages of artists within the top 50k worth of artists. 

Photo Credit to Viberate.

The top 5 artists were really no surprise and pop dominated the charts. 


And everyone loves YouTube to get the best music videos! In addition to music videos, you can also find Podcasts, lyric videos, and more! The numbers are very similar to Spotify overall, but there are some big takeaways such as pop going up and electronic going down in numbers. 

Only BTS is present on both of the lists for top streams. Interestingly enough, K-pop and Latin streamers dominate the scene on YouTube. 


I have to say, I’m not at all surprised at the Soundcloud data. I’ve always felt that Soundcloud and Beatport were more electronic than the other streaming platforms overall. And the data found by Viberate confirms that with over 38% of the top artists being electronic. 

One thing that did surprise me about the Soundcloud data was that it was ruled by trap music. I figured it was techno or progressive house. And BTS astounds us again by being on the THIRD list as well.

If you are interested in the social media data, check out Viberate’s report. They have information about Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok as well.


Gotta love Beatport! If you’re a fan of techno or house, Beatport is definitely your go to. Electronic dominates Beatport streaming overall. Here are the top-performing genres on Beatport. 

And here are the ten hottest labels on Beatport. We do work with some of these companies, so it is neat to see them listed on Viberate’s State of Music 2022!

Here are Beatport’s top artists, sorted by genre.

2022 State of Music Address

Artists to Watch

Viberate compiled some artists to watch for 2022 and there are some HOT ones on there. Check out the electronic names to watch out for in 2022!

2022 State of Music Address

And with those details- have you seen who is being booked for festivals? Seems like electronic fans are the biggest fans when it comes to attending music festivals.

2022 State of Music Address