Calling All Artists! Viberate Wants To Help You!

New analytics tool Viberate helps music professionals grow their careers

This post is geared more for artists than it is for our traditional fan base. While this post veers off course from our trajectory, we thought this was a positive new tool in the music industry that needed to be shared with all artists. Viberate is here to help any artist out there.


The music industry is one of the sectors that the coronavirus has hit the hardest. Seriously, the pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people. With concerts, festivals, and other live events being canceled worldwide, many music professionals are seeing a historically unprecedented loss of income. This is absolutely tragic! Artists, organizers, promoters, and many others were quick to resort to live streaming and engaging fans online. As a result, this strengthened the importance of digital media and increasing competition. On Spotify alone, around 40,000 tracks are reportedly uploaded daily – proving that success often comes down to simply being able to break through the noise. 

How is Viberate Here to Help?

One of the music-tech companies that’s tackling the Covid crisis is Viberate. Haven’t heard of it yet? You’re going to enjoy this one! Recently, they launched their own data analytics tool, promising to help anyone in the music industry dig into online performance and popularity stats, and learn how to effectively get ahead. Not only are there great tools on the website, but we’ve also had access for a few months now and love the data collection!

Viberate analytics turn music data into clear and actionable insights for any artist or music professional in the world. Seriously, this crew knows what they are doing when it comes to data! For example, the tool collects and examines the important social and streaming metrics of every artist out there, and translates them into invaluable information regarding genres, countries, and fanbases worldwide.


Ultimately, it allows music pros to keep a pulse on emerging trends and talent. In addition, they can explore which channels work best for specific genres. Plus, they can check what fans listen to all around the world. Artists can use the data in so many different ways! 


“Every crisis is an opportunity to change for the better,” says Matej Gregorcic, Viberate CEO. “We’ve been in the music business for almost 20 years now, and yet we keep hearing the same problems: lack of information, uncertainty with business decisions, etc. So we decided to do something about it. Everyone should have the chance to build a career that they love. And if there was ever a perfect time for the entire music industry to become more agile, it’s 2020.”

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