Watch Out for the Control of Spaceman Zack

SpaceMan Zack will “Control” us in new daunting single


This is one unique track! After releasing his powerful debut album Wicked earlier this year, SpaceMan Zack is still on the grind with another gritty single — “Control”. You’ll like the tune!


Beginning with guitar strums straight out of a Western movie, the song eventually drifts into a hard-hitting beat and SpaceMan Zack’s eerie lyrics. His haunting vocals are so emotionally packed that listeners can almost feel his struggle of controlling himself and his demons. The lyrics are extremely relatable and you’ll find yourself immersed in the track. Using a blend of hip-hop and alternative sounds, the song packs a lot of punch in such a small time frame. This track is less than 2 minutes long!


Who loves music videos? The associated music video mirrors the track’s daunting vibe, using a red filter and gritty edits to create a more ominous atmosphere. The camera follows SpaceMan Zack’s movements. Yet, the viewer slowly becomes familiar with the artist’s persona. That being said, “Control” and its music video reflects SpaceMan Zack’s artistic niche, and ultimately his personified vision.


Since his 2017 debut single “Cover Girl”, Dallas native Zachary Miller has been making a name for himself. The artist has gained over 160,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, which is no easy accomplishment. In addition, he has racked up millions of streams on all platforms. He has also secured hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, where many of his tracks have been carried over to video productions. Talk about gaining a ton of traction!


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