Who the F*** is Bassnectar? Enjoy EVERY Artist at Okeechobee 2020!

Okeechobee Has So Many Stages It’s EASY To Find New Artists!

At Hulaween 2019 someone in the crowd shouted “Who the f*** is Bassnectar?” and Marc Rebillet mixed it into his track. The crowd roared with laughter, and so did I. I’ve seen Bassnectar at Hula and enjoyed every moment in that huge crowd watching the hair fly. I respect Ashton, but last year I opted for Rebillet’s unique and mostly improvised show. At a much smaller stage, Rebillet went up against the main act of the night and proved that even the artists on stage have a sense of humor when it comes to headliners who attract the biggest audiences in the world.


Groups online seem to have weekly arguments about the quality of an artist like Bassnectar. Is he worth the hype? What’s with that guy who’s seen Nectar 36 times? Can one person and a soundboard really carry you away to another world? 


I won’t attempt to answer any of these questions- we are all on our own trip. The online comments speak for themselves. You aren’t going to convince anyone to join your music cult or to leave their own. Instead, I’d like to offer the lesson I learned from Rebillet’s set: It’s possible to not understand the hype and still give space for others to enjoy their favorite artists. 

Okeechobee Has PLENTY of Room to Explore!

Okeechobee is a great example of a festival with plenty of *space* to explore your own aesthetic. This March 5th-8th you will have all the room you need to be yourself. One stage will be running the sweet vocals of Vampire Weekend and another will boom the breakbeat bass of Tipper. You can relax by the lake and sip tea, or do yoga with your homies. Classic bests like Kaskade, Griz, and Alison Wonderland will echo across the water, but If you want something a little harder, Machine Gun Kelly will tear it up on Sunday. The artists at Okee 2020 span genres and break stereotypes on what a ‘typical’ EDM festival provides.


The truth is: music festivals are changing because we are changing. No longer is one artist the singular reason to attend. People come to fests from all over the world to experience the culture, create art, and discover new music. Flow artists, painters, and performers transform venues into colorful worlds of memorable experiences. The audience is now a part of the fun like never before, so play nice! Let the superfans drink their nectar and ride the rails in peace. We all want those moments of getting lost in the live creation of art, and that means not worrying about what your grumpy friend thinks about every sample and drop. Make your boundaries clear, but don’t step on anyone in the process (Literally, please don’t step on me!). 


Bassnectar can afford to take a joke from Marc Rebillet. Honestly, Rebillet’s set was funny, but I left early to catch the end of Bassnectar. There’s no shame in seeing a little of everything. This Okeechobee and beyond, take time to explore. Meet new people. Howl at the moon. Wonder, “Who the f**** am I?” and then laugh at the question, too. You’re always right here, right now. And with enough space, time, and kindness, the rest will take care of itself.

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Photos Curtosety of Rukes.com and Okeechobeefest.com