Woov Is A Game Changer For Music!

Woov Redefines Life Music Using Audio Technology!

Get ready for a game changer, folks! Woov is aiming to redesign our online venues and give us a chance to connect again. With the use of spatial audio chat and immersive audio ambiances, Woov transports us to our happy place where we can experience live music again together.

Music should be experienced live at some point. There is something that just hits differently when you’re in that crowd of people. And people have tried other things, like drive ins and live streams, but they just don’t feel the same because you’re missing out on that connection piece. Woov uses audio and voice technology to change the experience altogether. 


Tomorrow’s clubs, venues, artists, and festivals are ready to bring their live-streamed events to the next level. Woov will spatially position the music, crowd, and other environmental sounds to make it feel like you are truly immersed in the festival. You can explore rooms, connect with others, and get that full crowd-like experience with Woov.

Artist Thoughts

A live stream should be more than just a broadcast. It is a virtual music experience that has the potential to connect the artist and the audience. Performing at the first beta event on Woov recently showed that it is possible to create the emotion of partying together in an authentic way and to feel close to the clubbers on the virtual dancefloor.“- DJ/Producer Carl Cox

Instead of trying to recreate a complex visual environment, Woov makes you feel like you’re immersed in a group of friends experiencing music through the sense that matters most for music; our hearing. You feel the sound of your friends surrounding you, the sound of the physical space and the intensity and interaction of the crowd with the DJ. This is incredible not just for the listening audience but for the performer as well.” – Grammy-award nominated Producer and Sound Engineer BT

Woov is One of A Kind

This platform is the first of its kind. And it comes at a time when it is needed most. We all know that the events industry is struggling to get through this pandemic. Woov will allow for artists and organizers to go back to what they do best: creating kickass shows for us to enjoy. The revenue stream can continue to grow and we can enjoy our live music. Sounds like a win-win, am I right?

Live music should be experienced together and Woov was built on that foundation. While physical events are something that we cannot replace, we can use technology to help us cope in these challenging times ahead. Technology can be truly amazing. Want in on the action? The platform is currently in beta phase and early birds get the worm!! Head to woov.com to join the guestlist now!


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