Review of A Drive In Concert in Wisconsin

My Review of Drive In Concerts

I’ve posted a few review articles about drive in concerts, but I finally have my own review because I was able to catch my first drive in! On Halloween, I was able to check out Ganja White Night in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin! 

First off, this was a pretty small show. I think that overall, there were maybe 150 or so cars there. 

We had plenty of space to get out of our car and dance. We brought chairs and blankets because it was cold! I enjoyed dancing and hanging out next to my chair. Our neighbors were very courteous and still chatted with us, but stayed far enough away that I still felt safe.

In regard to food and merch, I found it surprising that buying food and drinks wasn’t done through the phone. I had heard that most shows were doing it through the phone and then delivering it to the cars. However, when I went to grab some food (Wisconsin cheese curds, by the way, delish!), I felt pretty safe. Everyone was wearing masks and social distancing. The same was true with the bathroom. Everyone was social distancing. I was also impressed that the portapotties were constantly stocked, even with hand sanitizer! 


I think the cold definitely played a role in how I felt about this show. It was really windy and despite being in a dinosaur onesie and wrapped in a blanket, I was freezing! While we can’t control the weather, this was a huge downer on the night. The wind was blowing so hard that I think it pushed the sound away from us. My buddy had said this place was super loud, but I was disappointed with the volume.

The biggest takeaway from this was that honestly, the crowd makes a huge difference. I love the energy that comes from being in the crowd. And I felt like there was something missing at this drive in show. I was dancing and enjoying being with my friends, but I missed the energy from the crowd. They lift me up and I can literally absorb their energy. While I did have a good time at this show, I am anxious for things to get back to normal so that I can dance and vibe in the crowd! 

Would I go to a drive in show again? Honestly, I might, but I wouldn’t even consider it until March or April. I’m from the Midwest and so it is just way too cold for my liking! It is crazy to me that Saturday it was 38 degrees and windy, yet currently it is 68! Midwest weather, that’s for sure! Hopefully, I don’t have to attend another one because I can’t wait until we’re back to normal!