You’ll Hit The JACKPOT In Vegas!

Who is ready to hit the JACKPOT??? Well, get ready because JACKPOT NYE is aptly named and we’re excited to announce the news! There are some HUGE names for this event such as Deadmau5Porter RobinsonRezz, and RL Grime, with additional performances from Ghostrydr (Ghastly b2b Joyryde), MaraudaVersa + more. JACKPOT is pleased to share that Black Tiger Sex MachineDeorroKill The Noise, and Hekler will also be manning the decks for a two-day sin city extravaganza like no other. Tickets for JACKPOT NYE 2023 are available NOW and can be purchased here. Sounds like it’s going to be amazing!

The event is taking place on December 30th and 31st and will be hosted at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. JACKPOT NYE will be 18+ with VIP packages available for those 21 and over. Have you been there yet? The large, open air venue located in the heart of Downtown’s entertainment hub offers plenty of space to create, and coupled with various experiential elements, RVLTN aims to put forth a wide array of electronic talent to provide an all-encompassing experience for guests. Sounds like a dream! With a little over two months to go before the event’s projected dates, RVLTN plans to pull out all of the stops when it comes to its marketing initiatives – including social media contests + giveaways, curated playlists and aforementioned VIP packages that include an integration between the strip and the Downtown LV experience. Happy New Year’s Eve!

Since its inception in 2012, RVLTN has always spent its time providing visibility to growing artists. And this is no different, RVLTN is ready to help out growing artists. 

In terms of competing NYE events in the city, the majority are located within the confines of casino based nightclubs on the strip – positioning RVLTN in its own lane and offering a leg-up when it comes to the experiences it advertises. This is going to be one festival to remember! This is one of the most compelling narratives for the brand – not only are the vast majority of RVLTN’s events located off the strip, but the company aims to bridge the gap between the Downtown scene that popularly books bass, dubstep and the like – with the strip, predominantly known for mainstream house acts and top 100 DJs. With impeccably curated variety in its lineup, JACKPOT NYE will be a testament to bridging this said gap – uniting fans from a multitude of genres under one metaphorical roof.
Secure tickets and read additional information about the upcoming JACKPOT NYE 2023 here.