404 Festival Comes to Celebrate Atlanta

Next month is Atlanta’s own 404 Festival at Pullman Yards hosted by the Atlanta Sport and Social Club. A festival named after the area code of the city, this event aims to celebrate all things Atlanta including local artists, vendors, history, fashion, and sports. I love the culture of Atlanta as it’s the city I grew up around and now currently live in. It’s cool to see a festival dedicated to the culture of the city, even with the focus on Atlanta-based talent for the lineup. There is a certain beauty about the city that I believe the rowdiness of a festival can truly capture as Atlanta has become a melting pot where people from around the country gather.

404 Festival

The music at 404 Festival highlights the diversity of Atlanta’s offerings, from music to vendors. This one-day festival has the one and only Big Boi from Outkast headlining. If rap isn’t as much your game, there is some country pop with Niko Moon. Or if you are looking for some more indie rock, there are The Pussywillows. Or if you are looking for soBig Boime funky grooves and jams, you have the Hedonistas. It’s impressive how diverse the talent is on the lineup. Usually, single-day festivals lean towards one genre, and for Atlanta that is usually hip-hop. However, the folks behind 404 Festival wanted this event to showcase Atlanta’s diverse music scene. And this is also true on the vending side as over 50 local vendors are booked. No vendor list has been announced, but there should be a little something for everyone.

If you are looking at attending the 404 Festival, tickets are $15 for a day pass to get you access to the vendors and general area but not the main 404 stage. If you are going for the music, general admission tickets are $60 before fees with a couple’s option priced at $110. If you are looking for a VIP experience, the VIP tickets are $125 before fees and include complimentary food, private restrooms, and a free shirt. All tickets will increase in price on August 1st. Walk-up tickets are expected to be available but on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can get your tickets at the 404 Festival website. In addition to the ticket, don’t forget to book a local hotel or Airbnb if you are planning to stay the night.

I hope to see you at this year’s 404 Festival. Come out and celebrate what Atlanta is all about!