Breakaway – a festival for all EDM lovers.

WHEN: August 19th & 20th, 2022

WHERE: Belknap Park, Grand Rapids

WHAT: BreakaThe way Music Festival


I’m going to give you the entire breakdown of Breakaway. What to expect, who to see, all of it. First and foremost, what’s unique about Breakaway is that it travels across 5 cities in the United States – Kansas City, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and California. Some of the artists stay consistent throughout but there are different acts, as well. Today we are focusing on the show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Spanning across 2 days this festival will meet all of your EDM needs. Between the headliners and the new artists, there is so much to check out.


To fully give you the Breakaway 2022 Scoop I have to tell you about the headliners. Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, and Oliver Tree are the absolute must-see’s this year. Following that – Jai Wolf, Two Friends, Yung Gravy, Ekali, Gashi, and more are incredible artists you absolutely cannot miss. The previous lineups have been just as insane as this one and you can check that all out here. Check out the full lineup below!


Time to give you more of the Breakaway 2022 Scoop. Aside from the incredible lineup you have the amazing festival to explore. I personally love a silent disco and Breakaway will be featuring 50 artists that you have to check out. From Alvaro to Icky to Merch to Twizzler you cannot miss this. Aside from the music the festival will have incredible food, things to do, things to see, and so much more. Breakaway 2022 is bound to be incredible as every year has and I cannot wait to see you there!