DeadMau5 Series 2 Card Collection


‘DeadMau5: Series 2 Card Collection’ 

In December 2020, legendary electronic music producer deadmau5 teamed up with creative agency RAREZ to release his first official set of digital collectibles. He did so on the WAX Blockchain with ‘deadmau5: Series 1 Card Collection.’ These are packs of NFTs, sold like trading cards, each showing off the iconography and energy of deadmau5.  This coming Friday, August 26, find deadmau5 teaming with RAREZ again for the release of its followup, the ‘DeadMau5: Series 2 Card Collection’ on WAX via
Furthermore, after much anticipation, the long awaited ‘Series 2’ is coming to WAX. WAX, which stands for ‘Worldwide Asset eXchange,’ was created specifically for the trading of virtual items, such as rare collectibles. For deadmau5, an artist well known for his intersection of music with cutting edge technology, the connection is obvious. ‘deadmau5:Series 2’ is an expansion of the original series, with packs and card rarities following the same formula of the original collection with a few adjustments. In addition, like ‘Series 1,’ NFTs will sell in Standard and Mega Packs. The pack designs are similar to the first series, this time with an updated color scheme to differentiate from the first drop.

Changes To Rarity Levels

There has been a change to the rarity levels on ‘Series 2’ as well. This turn, cards will divide into Pins, Basic, Black, Silver, and Gold rarities, with Pins being the most common of the drop. On top of that, a small handful of UltraRare cards have been thrown into ‘Series 2.’  The Standard packs, containing ten digital collectibles, come in at $9.95USD while the Mega Packs offer thirty collectibles for $29.95USD.
The first set of ‘deadmau5: Series’ cards on WAX packs sold out in 36 hours from December 16-17, 2020. That original set of collectibles was big news in the NFT space, with secondary trading pulling in tens of thousands of dollars for the rarest cards in the drop including an audio reactive mau5head designed by Sutu which has resold for over $10,000 USD in WAX. Discover the catalogue and secondary market trading.
DeadMau5’ digital collectibles uses NFT (non-fungible token) technology. NFT’s trade on the blockchain, ensuring that each deadmau5 digital piece is 100% verifiable as authentic.

About the DeadMau5 NFT sale: 

Date: Thursday, August 26
Time: 7pm EST
Where: (WAX Blockchain)
Collection Name / Info:
deadmau5: Series 2 drops in three parts:
– First, Series 1 Card Holders received a free NFT as a bonus for holding on to their collection since December.
– Next, on Wednesday, August 25 at 7pm EST the presale begins.
NFTs will be sold in Standard and Mega Packs.
The Standard packs, containing ten digital collectibles, will go for $9.95USD while the Mega Packs offer thirty collectibles for $29.95USD. The collectibles consist of a limited supply of deadmau5 Pins, Basic Stills, Black, Silver and Gold Cards and Ultra Rare cards.
– Finally, on Thursday 26 at 7pm EST, the public sale will begin for all collectible packs. 48 hours after the drop, the packs open and your collectibles reveal.
However, Some Series 2 mega packs will be reserved for promotional use. These will go to those deadmau5 Series 1 holders that have a complete gold deluxe set of cards.
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