Elephante Brings That Dopamine!

Do you guys remember last fall, when I got to chat with Elephante through Zoom? That was such a great experience! During the interview, he mentioned his Heavy Glow tour, which I actually got to check out! I was able to go check out the show and meet Elephante, aka Tim, IRL! This was really cool for me and I loved the experience. Here’s a copy of the interview. You can check out some fun facts about the tour as well as why Dopamine is his favorite track!

It was great to catch up with Tim and meet him in real life. In addition to the interview, I was able to check out the show and take some photos as well. I go to a lot of Chicago shows but had never experienced The Bottom Lounge before. The whole experience was wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing some amazing tunes from the openers. Due to my interview and the fact that I ran my tripod back out to the car, I was really only able to catch some of Sabai. But he still brought the heat!

And then when Elephante got on stage- WOAH. First off, the colors were crazy! Check out these awesome shots I was able to get.

There were tons of great moments during the show but I have to say, Dopamine was the BEST! Tim mentioned this track during the interview and I’d heard the song, but I had other songs I liked better than that one. But oh. My. Goodness. The energy of the crowd during that song was unparalleled. And when Tim and Sabai teamed up to share their new track, Love Again? Oh man! The crowd was truly feeling this! The whole experience was magical. I had so much fun at this event and can’t wait to check out more.