Elephante’s Heavy Glow Tour

If you haven’t gotten your tickets for Elephante’s Heavy Glow tour yet, you had best grab them ASAP! The tour starts next week in Sacramento and tickets are going FAST! I’ll be personally checking this show out at the Chicago location and I am looking forward to dancing! It has been a rough two years and I am so excited that concerts are finally coming back. It has been far too long without my fam!

The Heavy Glow tour will showcase Elephante’s new album by the same name. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out that album yet, stop everything and listen to it here! The Deluxe Edition is the best way to listen and you’re in luck because it’s available on Spotify. There are a few remixes and acoustic versions on the Deluxe edition to check out, which always enhances the experience.

Did you get a chance to check out our interview with Elephante? It was a lot of fun chatting with Tim and getting to know him. 

Will we see you at the Heavy Glow tour? Be on the lookout for some of our TFV team who will be present at the Chicago location! We are located all over the country but there are a few of us close to Chicago and we’re looking forward to it. We’ll see you all on the dancefloor! Grab those tickets HERE.