Grandoozy: Denver’s New Big Festival!

Denver, Colorado is welcoming a brand-new festival into it’s territory this September 14th-16th and it’s name is Grandoozy Denver being such a big hot spot these days for music, food, art, and craft liquors has found a festival to encompass and appreciate all of its wonderful attributes.  Grandoozy is showcasing all of Denver’s best food, beer, and of course music in Overland Park, located just 15 minutes away from the heart of Downtown Denver.  Giving Grandoozy a lot of room to spread its wings and really show you what the mile high city is all about.

Grandoozy offers a large variety of activities and vendors for people to check out during their experience.  Devour Denver is an area that will host 27 of Denver’s most admired restaurants, you won’t go hungry here!  Arts + Crafts will be have a whopping 20 different brewing companies for you to try as many beers as your heart and taste buds desire.  Flight School will be another spot to get your drink on with lots and lots of flights…. Of fine spirits!  The Backyard Chats will probably the most unique part of this festival for activities for many reasons. They will be having guest speakers who will be touching on the topics of conservation and wilderness activism with speakers such as Jon Miller and Annelise Loevlie!  In addition, Grandoozy will be bringing well recognized professional athletes such as; Bobby Brown and Gretchen Bleiler to talk about why they love what they do and their love of the outdoors.  This section of the festival will also encompass a marketplace for you to check out some of the best gear out there no matter what type of outdoors you’re into.  Grandoozy is also offering two more areas for you to get your groove on and those will be called the 80’s Ski Lodge and The Break Room.  They even went as far as to put in a Bud Light Dive Bar so you can grab a cold one and play some old school games with your friends.  I couldn’t even believe this when I saw it but I love it and I’m sure you will too,  Grandoozy implemented a Salon Called Jack Daniel’s No.7 Salon for you to sit down while they give you some of their finest whiskey whilst getting a haircut or festival braids!

Lastly, the line-up is very diverse and will keep your brain entertained all weekend long.  We have Kendrick Lamar, Florence + the Machine, and Stevie Wonder headlining in order Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Everyone of all ages and background will flock to Colorado to see these amazing performers.  They will be accompanied by other artists such as Phoenix, The Chainsmokers, Sunsquabi, De La Soul, and so many more!  Whatever kind of music you’re into, you will find it here at Grandoozy!

Don’t miss your chance to attend this incredible festival!  It’s something you will not want to miss!

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