Illenium Returns To Arizona In A Night To Remember

Last weekend, I found myself on a spontaneous adventure, heading to Arizona for the first time in months. Little did I know what awaited me at the Rawhide Event Center on Saturday, June 29, 2024. ILLENIUM was making his largest headline return to the state, and I was in for an unforgettable night.


The trip was super last minute, and I wasn’t prepared for the intense Arizona heat that Rawhide would bring, no pun intended. Despite my lack of preparation, the excitement of seeing ILLENIUM live outweighed any discomfort from the scorching temperatures.

ILLENIUM’s performance was supported by an incredible lineup, including Crankdat, Bonnie X Clyde, and Memba. The energy was palpable from the moment I arrived, and the venue made the experience even more enjoyable. Multiple lines at the entrance made entry a breeze, and I was pleased to find two indoor bathrooms available for all GA ticket holders, in addition to a large porta-potty station outside.

VIP ticket holders were treated to some fantastic perks. The kandi stations allowed me to make some tradeables, adding a fun and interactive element to the night. There was also a hair beauty station for all your festival braiding needs, which was a huge hit. The VIP area boasted a large viewing deck with bottle service, offering an insane view of the stage and the crowd below.

One of the highlights for me was the ADA section in VIP, which also had access to the viewing deck. It’s not often that you see VIP sections with such accessibility, and I felt it was extremely awesome. Kudos to Relentless Beats for making this happen! It’s a great step forward in ensuring everyone can enjoy these events to the fullest.

To help combat the relentless Arizona heat, there were large trucks equipped with misting fans embedded into them. These were a lifesaver, helping many of us stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

ILLENIUM’s set was everything I hoped for and more. The music, the atmosphere, and the sense of community made this last-minute trip one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Rawhide Event Center proved to be the perfect venue for such a monumental event, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for live music in Arizona.

We wish ILLENIUM a speedy recovery as he has now posted that two of his upcoming events in Toronto have been postponed due to his health. Thank you, ILLENIUM, for performing even right after major surgery. Your dedication and passion for your fans are truly inspiring.

Great job, Relentless Beats, for organizing such a fantastic event. ILLENIUM’s return to Arizona was a night to remember, and I’m already looking forward to the next one!