Relentless Beats Does February Right!

Relentless Beats is full of event love as it gushes over their schedule for the year’s shortest month- February. Even though we are halfway through the month, there is still so much more to come! This month’s lineup includes performances by Liquid Stranger; Monxx; Wax Motif; Sander Van Doorn, Virtual Riot; Christian Martin + Lubelski; Chris Stussy; Borgore; No Mana; Pan-Pot; Cheat Codes; Andrew Rayel; Jeffrey Sutorius; Mihalis Safras + Eskuche, and Iglooghost. Relentless Beats shows include dates in Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Texas. This will be a BLAST!
These performances will all be in anticipation of Relentless Beats’ sub-brand RBDeep fueled Body Language, a brand new festival property catering to the growing demand for house, techno, and underground music. This is one of those events you won’t want to miss out on. The festival itself will take place March 4- 6, 2022. And lucky us, the event comes at the perfect time- shaking off the winter doldrums for a body-moving springtime lineup. As a result, Body Language features some of the world’s heaviest hitters in the underground and house music world, including renowned dance music pioneers Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Boris Brejcha, Kaskade (redux), and many more.
The full event calendar and links to support pages is included below. Visit for the most up-to-date information on all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Instagram and Twitter at @RelentlessBeats and Facebook at Happy February all!
                                                Support:  Mersiv, TVBOO, Veil, Canabliss
                                                Venue: Tequila’s Discoteque (El Paso, TX)
18-Feb:            Monxx
                                                Support:  Decimate
                                                Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)
18-Feb:            Wax Motif
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
18-Feb:            Noizu
                                                Support:  Low Audio, Lunarfluxx, Tavatli
                                                Venue: Gentle Ben’s (Tucson)
19-Feb:            Sander Van Doorn
                                                Support:  Brett Ortiz, Ghost Effect, Tyler Kahn
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
19-Feb:            Virtual Riot
                                                Support:  Hi I’m Ghost, AKVMA, Mamba
                                                Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)
                                                Venue:  Walter Where?House (Phoenix)
20-Feb:           Chris Stussy
                                                Support:  Hi I’m Ghost, AKVMA, Mamba
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
24-Feb:            Borgore
                                                Venue: El Rey Theater (Albuquerque, NM)
25-Feb:            No Mana
                                                Support:  EDDIE, Skelefriend, Par Riot
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
25-Feb:            Borgore
                                                 Venue:  Gentle Ben’s (Tucson)
25-Feb:            Pan-Pot
                                                Support:  Disco Zombie, Ceemoar
                                                Venue: Sunbar (Tempe)
26-Feb:            Cheat Codes
                                                Support:  Haywyre, Win and Woo
                                                Venue: El Rey Theater (Albuquerque, NM)
26-Feb:            Andrew Rayel
                                                 Venue: HB Social Club (Honolulu, HI)
                                                Support:  Lujan, Astony, Ericksii
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
                                                Support:  Elwer
                                                Venue: Shady Park (Tempe)
27-Feb:           Iglooghost [rescheduled date]
                                                Venue:  Crescent Ballroom (Phoenix)
4-6 Mar:          Body Language Music Festival