It’s All Better Now With Man Cub

Man Cub releases emotionally-filled single “Better Now” ahead of his upcoming debut studio album Impressions 


You guys- this album is straight fire. I got a preview of it and I think I’ve listened to the album… uh maybe a billion times?? Seriously, check this one out! Man Cub is hot on the heels of last month’s single release “Good Enough”. He strikes us yet again with “Better Now”, another powerful and emotional song from his upcoming debut album, Impressions, out on July 10. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM. Sometimes, I am excited about a release. But this time? I am super psyched for it because the sneak peak of the album was EPIC.

The Enhanced Music rising-star showcases his production prowess. He combines this with Swedish-songwriter JEN’s emotionally-filled lyrics with his euphoric feel-good synths. The track produces a moment in time that will leave you breathless. The two talented souls truly create a place that’s better now. Seriously, listen ASAP. Support on ALL platforms HERE


Better Now


The aspiring DJ-producer has been hard at work on his Impressions album, expected for release July 10th on Tritonal’s imprint. If you are a Tritonal fan, you will love Man Cub! Recently, Man Cub collaborated with Tritonal on “Worth It All” as well as delivering another track off his album with APEK, “Wrong To Let You Go,” which has been heavily supported on Heart Radio since its release. Seriously, I heard their first release and was impressed but after these two, I’m ready for this album! 


Ultimately, Impressions dives deeper into his sound as an artist, showcasing his budding talent that is not easily found. “Better Now” gives us another sneak peek of what to expect very soon. You will love it!
Out now on Enhanced Music
Support on ALL platforms HERE


Photo by: frankiegomezphoto

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