Lightning in a Bottle Will Be Back in 2022!

We’re in luck, fam! Do LaB, the creators of Lightning in a Bottle and originators of the boutique festival experience, have announced a slew of new programming elements and theme for the event’s 2022 return. We can expect some amazing things! The LIB community will once again take over the shores of Buena Vista Lake in Southern California on Memorial Day Weekend for five days, May 25-30, to reconnect and let sparks fly. You’ll be in love with the additions!

The event’s 2022 theme will be “Where Lightning Strikes.” This theme embodies the festival’s long standing ethos of creating space for connection and expressiveness. What is really amazing about Lightning in a Bottle is that it defies the typical definition of a music festival by holding participation at its core. It’s a place where lifelong friendships, relationships, and memories are forged, a temporary home where excitement, fun, and surprises wait around every corner. 

Do LaB has reimagined the Lightning in a Bottle 2022 experience!

We’ve all missed out on so much and as a result, LiB is working to support this mission of reconnection as a reflection of its community’s needs. You’ll find a new sandy beach, appropriately dubbed LIBeach, awaits with a daytime opening party on Thursday already on the books with talent to be announced. Plus, you’ll find that a new layout will mean less walking between stages and welcome a roaming cast of Art Cars for pop-up surprises throughout the week.

Flagship stages Thunder and Woogie will see new direction and expanded programming to support the mission of this truly five-day festival experience. And then there’s Thunder, known traditionally as the event’s bass music enclave, which will transform into a tree-lined theater where multiple genres will be showcased in the open-air with its biggest lineup to date. Woogie is a fan-favorite! This stage will expand its bookings to include a full day of Thursday house and techno talent, just another reason to arrive on Wednesday for the full LIB journey. Do LaB is also premiering a new stage at LIB next year – Junk in the Trunk. Seen at Burning Man, Junk in the Trunk will replace Favela as the event’s host locale for California’s favorite native house and techno artists.

For those looking for the joy of a camping festival with expanded creature comforts, LIB will for the first time offer a new VIP experience! If you want the camping aspect but want it all, this is your option! VIP pass holders can get off their feet in backstage lounges at Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie, grab a quick drink in these areas at full bars, and watch headlining performances at the elevated Lighting Stage viewing area. For more info on VIP tickets, visit

LIB is also excited to reveal a new boutique camping experience, Atlaswyld, a festival-within-a-festival featuring glamping options and elevated content ready to be explored.

Gotta love glamping! You’ll wake up each morning in a luxurious Bell Tent, Kodiak, or Airstream to be met by tailored yoga and wellness classes, culinary programing, Happy Hour mixers, and other high-end encounters aimed to dazzle alongside the festival’s immersive landscape of wonder and discovery. Talk about a grand time!

The team has been busy this past year. As a result, these new elements will complement the event’s nearly multi-decade commitment to bringing together forward-thinking music across many distinct stages, educational and cause-driven discussions and activities at The Compass, intriguing immersive programming from favorites like The Grand Artique, Unicorn Palace, and so much more.

Lightning in a Bottle is ready to return home to the beautiful shores of Buena Vista Lake in Southern California and reclaim its traditional Memorial Weekend date – May 25-30 2022.

Buena Vista Lake immediately brought comfort and familiarity to the LIB community thanks to its swim-friendly waters, abundant grassy topography, and thick shade trees. 2022 will see this wondrous playground come further to life, creating an idyllic container for the reconnection we all need so deeply.

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