MOPOP 2022: Insider Info

Last weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy enjoy Mopop 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. Needless to say, Mopop has my heart. Located in Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan this was THE festival to attend. Mopopp 2022: Insider Info.

MOPOP 2022, the Music

Mopop featured some incredible headliners, as well as some, must-check-out up-and-coming artists. On the first day of this two-day festival, I saw Girl in Red, Dominc Fike, and Glass Animals. The indie lover inside of me was screaming. What was really amazing about all of these artists was not only their music but how much they interacted with the crowd. They wanted to be there and so did I. On the second day, I saw my absolute favorite – Tai Verdes, The Backseat Lovers, Jhené Aiko, and of course, Big Sean. Check out the full lineup, here. Overall, an absolute blast. What was really cool was how staggered the stages were. You never had an overlapping artist so it was possible to see everyone you wanted to see. The music was immaculate but there was still so much to do.


The Vendors

Mopop 2022 featured some great food and some really cool stuff to do. There was an arcade with loads of free games and drink specials, so if you ever needed to escape the heat – the arcade was the place to go. I also popped on over to the craft bazaar which featured homemade goods from local Michigan artists. The craft bazaar was one of my favorite features of Mopop. I think it’s so important to showcase local artists and I loved seeing all of the creativity that was shown.

Overall, Mopop truly was a one-of-a-kind experience. The vibes were right, everybody was so happy to be there, and the artists killed it. The festival overall was a very smooth, enjoyable experience and I highly recommend going next year. The lineups are always to die for and there’s always something for everything. Thank you, AEG, for putting on this experience and I’ll see you all next year!