My Experience Under the Electric Sky

Man, oh, man. Now that it has been two weeks since EDC and a week since Escape, I feel that I have finally decompressed and can write about my experiences. Now to say, I think having two back-to-back festivals is a horrible, horrible idea for me. I didn’t even have enough turn-around time to recuperate or even do a clean load of laundry. However, I’m incredibly grateful for the time I had under the electric sky!

I didn’t camp because I’m honestly kind of a baby,

but the festival itself blew me away. Considering EDC took place in not its usual month of May, October really wasn’t bad. The daytime ranged from a nice and sunny 70-80 degrees with a light breeze and at night it went as low as 60 degrees with no wind. Obviously, one would bring a jacket but the weather was PRISTINE nonetheless.

Walking inside the festival and being in complete “awe” of all the lights, the bass shaking the bleachers, everyone screaming and hugging one another saying “we made it, we made it!” and hearing the fireworks is only just the first part of the moments to be had.

electric sky

Photo Credit: Chris Lazaro

Now, I’ve been attending EDC since 2015,

and I can say that if you’ve been to one EDC and you go to another, you feel a sense of familiarity because they reuse some of the same props and names. However, whether they’re new to The Carnival or returning to their home away from home, the DJs always play as if it’s their last, and Purple Disco Machine was no different. His set absolutely blew me away, and he had me shuffling until I was out of breath and I even almost twisted my ankle! All the retro, funky and groovy beats from the 80s and 90s reworked into his sets bring a refreshing breeze of nostalgia to everyone listening.

Photo Credit: Jose Murga

My favorite part and (I think) the most underlooked part

is the fashion. The one aspect of the festival that undeniably changes every year. I am absolutely astounded by how people dress and go all out for EDC. The makeup, the hair, the outfits, the accessories that tie the whole ensemble together. There’s an awesome tiktok that has clips of some of the best EDC outfits I’ve seen in all 5 years (minus 2019) of being on the Motor Speedway, and if you’re looking for inspiration definitely check the tiktok out!



EDC Fit Check 👘💖 #edc #edclv2021 #edclasvegas #festivalfashion #ravetok #edmfashion

♬ original sound – EDC

All in all, EDC is a fantastic festival that I think people should experience at least once in their lifetime. Everyone will love being under the Electric Sky! A gorgeous, well-put-together “family function” if you will, festival that will have moments carved into your core memory for a lifetime.

Until EDC in May, see ya’ll on the dance floor 🙂