Ready to Party?!?!? EDC Las Vegas Week!

It’s finally time! After all the madness, it is finally time for EDC Las Vegas and I know everyone is ready to party it up at EDC! This amazing festival takes place NEXT weekend! That’s right, next weekend! I cannot believe that this festival is back in action. Insomniac is ready to show all its headliners a great time and oh my, how we’ve missed dancing! The Festival Voice is super excited for this festival as we cover our VERY FIRST EDC! Stewart and Sam will be present at the festival, ready to cover the festival for media! After the festival, both of them will share their recaps of the event!

We’ve already talked about the lineup in previous posts, so let’s skip that for now. You already know that Insomniac delivers on their lineups and EDC is no exception. 

Make sure that you take time to experience EDC week! Every year, the Las Vegas strip gets ready to party with epic lineups. I am personally a HUGE fan of the pool parties but the nightclubs are awesome too. Check out all the events taking place HERE!

Don’t forget to bring your vaccine card or your negative test results to gain entry to the festival. This is important because you need these items to gain entry. 

Will we see you at EDC? Tickets are still available and we’re super psyched!!!