It’s Almost Time For EDC Las Vegas!

It’s almost time for Vegas, baby! Who doesn’t love EDC Las Vegas? I know everyone has been waiting impatiently for this festival and while things didn’t work out the first time, it’s almost time to be back in Vegas! Everyone is super psyched for this. EDC Las Vegas takes place October 22nd-24th and this year, you’ve got some great weather coming your way! October is a great time for this festival as the weather will be awesome!

almost time

EDC is one of my favorite festivals because Insomniac really puts its all into this amazing festival. You can expect AMAZING visuals, lights, displays, and so much more. Insomniac goes above and beyond to bring you amazing art installations that are actually interactive and fun to visit.

It’s up to you whether you camp or stay in a hotel. Personally, I haven’t been back to EDC since it turned camping because I haven’t been able to make the May dates work. But camping sounds like a blast! I camped at EDC Chicago and it was one of the best camping experiences that I’ve had thus far! What a great time! 

Will you be at EDC Las Vegas this year? Expect the BEST of the best lineup and dance your night away under the electric sky!