Shaky Knees Announces 2022 Lineup

With this year coming to a close, festival lineups have already been coming in hot for 2022. After the wild year that was 2020, it feels good to have something to look forward to next year. I’ll take any bit of hope I can get nowadays. Among all of the lineup announcements, Shaky Knees dropped their lineup on Wednesday after a mysterious delay from the original drop date of the Tuesday before. There is some speculation that Travis Scott was on the lineup and had to be replaced due to the tragedy that happened at Astroworld Festival. Whatever the reason for the delay, I think it was well worth the extra day for the killer lineup that they have locked in for next year.

One of the cool things about Shaky Knees is the headliners each day have no conflicting sets. This brings together the entire festival for one shared experience, which is something that Bonnaroo has done for years with their unopposed headliner policy. I think it’s magical to have thousands on thousands of attendees vibing to the same artist. If you haven’t experienced this for yourself I highly recommend giving it a try. What better place to than Shaky Knees 2022 with headliners Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, and My Morning Jacket.



For being a three-day city festival, you really can’t beat the price for tickets at $205 for General Admission. If you can’t hang for the entire weekend there are typically single-day tickets available closer to the festival date. If you were in the know before 2019, you probably scoff at paying as you have your Shaky Knees tattoo that grants you free tickets for life. For those already on the full send wagon, make sure you look at booking your hotel or AirBnB early. Sweetwater 420 Festival is the same weekend as Shaky Knees, and 420 Fest will bring droves of folks from around the region with their stacked jam band lineup.