Special Items That Hold A Special Place In My Heart

Special Items That Hold A Special Place In My Heart

So everyone has gone to a festival and gotten some really great things from other people, right? I have gotten so many special items from others. While they are not very costly, I remember vividly where I got each of these items and the story behind them. I thought it would be neat to share the impact some of these things have had on me over the years. These items are all super random- but they have a unique story behind each of them and every time I see these items around my house, I smile and think of these small moments I’ve shared with souls. Some of these items were just found randomly, however. It’s all about the connection and memories shared. Here’s my list of special items!

Cyril The Monkey

Lost Lands is truly an epic music festival. I can’t imagine not spending my time headbanging!! The worst part about the festival is that it is in September. With my full time gig, I find it super easy to go to summer festivals due to the ability to take time off. That is probably the opposite of a lot of people, but it is what it is! But September-May is challenging to take off due to my company’s demands. I can get a few days off here and there, but not a ton! Therefore, camping for Lost Lands isn’t really a reality because I can get Friday and Monday off. Camping.. then back to work? Nope. I need to stay in a hotel.

Well, Monday morning, we were all feeling the after festival hangover. I was taking a load of our stuff out to the car, getting ready to take my long trek back home. This guy walks up to me and I can instantly see that he is a headbanger, based on how he is dressed as well as the wristband. We talk about how awesome of a weekend we had and then he hands me Cyril.

He shares that he got Cyril at the Chicago Six Flags. This is pretty cool to me, because I am pretty close to Chicago. He tells me that Cyril was an important part of his Lost Lands journey and that he would like me to have Cyril to commemorate a magnificent weekend. I have never forgotten that moment. Cyril now is hung up in our dining room and I think about this encounter frequently. This is one of my most special items on this list!


The Jacket

Boring heading, but this jacket is special to me! I was at Decadence in Colorado and I was cold, cold, cold!!! I think I was shaking. This was weird to me because the festival was indoors. I’m one of those people that can’t function when they are cold.

At the time when I got this, I was leaning against the back wall, honestly not having a good time. It wasn’t the festival itself but I was so cold I couldn’t think about anything else! This girl came up to me and asked me if I was okay. I told her yes, but I was cold. She told me she was hot so I could have her jacket. I tried to tell her I was okay, but she insisted. Because of her, I was able to enjoy the festival and stay warm. I was on the verge of buying a hoodie at the merch booth before this but honestly, money was a little tight. I think about this random act of kindness all the time.

Destiny’s Pash

Who doesn’t love Pashminas?!?!? I’m going to be honest, when I got this, I thought it was a bandana. I know, embarrassing!! 

This one is neat because one of my Twitter followers, Destiny, sent this to me. I am so grateful for this pash and the friendship I have with Destiny. It’s neat to watch her life through social media. Although we’ve never met, I have watched her move forward in life with a relationship and a baby!

The Bug Stuff

My buddy Stew is obsessed with bug spray. So much so that I can hardly breathe!!! He was spraying himself with bug spray one day at Dancefestopia and this girl walked up to our campsite. She began to talk about the dangers of bug spray and gave us this, for free. It is an all natural bug repellant. Pretty cool, huh? Bad news- this doesn’t deter Stew. He doesn’t think they work.


Three-Eyed Duck

So we had just gotten to Summer Camp and were taking a wagon load in when some girl ran up to me. She told me Happy Scamp and handed me a rubber duck. We conversed about how excited we were for the festival and our favorite artists. She was super excited for Umph and Moe (a must at this festival) while I was super excited for Zed’s Dead and some others. She told me to have an amazing weekend and left me this rubber duck. Super random, but a great moment none-the-less. Want another SCAMP laugh? Check out Grandma Wook.


Sleepy Gary

This little clothespin was a mystery clothespin. I can’t say who I got it from because it was that- a mystery! We were at Summer Camp music festival and our bag of chips was clothespinned on the table. I’m a huge fan of clothespins (ask our tech guy, Stewart. I’m always yelling at him to clothespin the chips because he doesn’t and they get ruined!!!). So I remember complaining to Stew that he needed to put the clothespin on. He did. The chips got thrown on the table.

Then we went out and did some stuff. Honestly, I don’t remember what we were doing in specific but I’m sure it was fun stuff with my friends. We came back for a little snack and this clothespin was on the chips!!!

special items

Sleepy is on one side, Gary on the other! Crazy!! Since then, I have kept the clothespin. This special item is used all the time in my house and I have the memory of Summer Camp every time I see this.

special items


Pillar Pets

No, it’s not a Pillow Pet. It’s a Pillar Pet!

special items

Don’t ask me about the name, I truly don’t know!! This little guy was found clipped to my Camelbak at 515 Alive. Who put him there? I don’t know. But it still reminds me of the amazing festivals I’ve been to! Cyril (from above) had him around his neck on a daily basis.

Do you have any special items to share? I think these are all super neat. They all bring back great memories. Isn’t it amazing how the little things affect people for years to come? These memories don’t fade. You have a way to leave an imprint on people’s souls for eternity, isn’t that cool?