A Stakelight Is The Next Big Thing

I’m here to share one of the newest camping items on the market, The Stakelight! I didn’t know they existed before the company offered to send me a sample for editorial consideration, and boy, am I glad they did! While I did receive a sample for free, this review is my 100% unbiased opinion!

So what exactly is a Stakelight? Take a look at this picture and see for yourself! A Stakelight is just that- a stake with a light attached to it. And it’s a good, strong stake too. None of those cheap, flimsy metal ones- this one is one a thick stake! If you camp, you know that you need to get strong stakes in case of a storm and these stakes don’t disappoint!


Next up is the aspect of the light itself. If you’re a music festival fan, you know that everybody is always tripping over your tent strings. It’s annoying because it damages the tent when people do that! But unfortunately, this is unavoidable, especially once night falls and everyone is starting to enjoy their night. Not everyone can camp on the path- so it is inevitable! The Stakelight fixes that! They light up to illuminate your tent. First off, fewer people tripping on the strings! Second, you’ve just found your tent! No more lost tents with the Stakelights.

Honestly, this is a purchase you need to invest in if you go camping regularly. While I wasn’t aware this product existed before receiving my sample, this is a purchase that I would make! With durable stakes and light, you can’t go wrong with this product! They aren’t expensive, either! A four-pack is about $20, which equates to $5 a stake. Grab your Stakelights today!