TIME FOR COUCHLANDS! Weekend Livestreams

Couchlands 2020 Baby!

Get ready for an epic weekend adventure!! As usual, there are TONS of events to choose from! First off, there are tons located HERE. I didn’t create this page but love sharing it because I know our musical tastes will differ. I’m going to share some of the big ones but there are definitely other streams out there, no matter what you are into. Couchlands 2020!!! 

Excision’s Couchlands

Starting things off, Excision is hosting Couchlands! If you are into grimy dubstep, this is one place you are going to want to be!

This three day festival can be streamed on Twitch, which you can access on any device that can connect to the internet. I can also foresee it being streamed on Youtube.. but that’s not a given yet. Note that this stream is EASTERN standard time while most of the others that are broadcast are on PST. Use the world clock feature on your phone, yo. Stream at twitch.tv/lostlands

Insomniac’s Escape Festival

Feel like dressing up?? If you are in a spooky mood, you can get your favorite Halloween costume on and join Pasquale Rotella for an Escape livestream! The lineup hasn’t been posted yet, but we will be sure to share it with you when we get access to it.  Pasquale wants you to tag all their socials with your costumes! You could even have your photo featured on the livestream. @escapehalloween @pasqualerotella How epic is that??? Note that this festy is PACIFIC time. Check this one out on their twitch or their Youtube page- which is located HERE .

Want To Do Some Good? Beatport’s Got Ya Covered!

Beatport’s last online music festival raised over $180,000 for the Association for Electronic Music, which helps professionals out of work. Check out our article about this amazing festival here! You can join this stream again for free but if you can spare the cash, it’s a great opportunity to do some good and help others. Def some great names on this one, we’ll get you the timeslots here soon!

Meals on Wheels- Can’t Be Canceled Music Festival

This festival is raising money for Meals on Wheels! If you don’t know, Meals on Wheels provides meals to seniors on a regular basis. Make sure you note that this is weekend two!!

Flow Events Livestream- ReKinection

Last week, we shared a great opportunity for you to learn how to flow. A different company decided to do the same thing this upcoming weekend! Awesome! This virtual festival includes meditation, flow arts, yoga, arts, and tons of other great things. I know these kinds of activities are so fun to get into at a festival.. Check them out! This one is in central time zone. AHHH these timezones are really going to mess with my head. 

Individual Streams for Couchlands

We got this information today, Relentlessbeats is taking us live!

I’m kinda borrowing Excision’s title here with my Couchlands focus this time. All good. You can check out all the streams located here. I’m only sharing the link because there is so much to choose from.. How could you be bored?? Happy Couchlands!

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